“We must obey God rather than men. "Acts 5:29

God's Love

Karen was only six years old when she first experienced her first sexual encounter. How could this happen to such an innocent young child? Her childhood memory was violated with such perverse thoughts...

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Overcoming Sin

Often times when Theresa was a little girl she would use the bathroom in her parents’ bedroom instead of the bathroom in the hallway. One day she noticed some adult magazines sitting on the back of t...

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Jackie ran into the back bedroom and hid underneath her bed when she heard her father yelling at her mother. She knew that her father suffered from alcoholism and when he became drunk he would beat he...

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Binding Curses

Ashley and her family were once devoted Buddhists. But one day, a leader from the Buddhist organization became angry with Ashley’s mother and put a curse on the whole family. Within a week disaster s...

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Defeating Anger

Karen grew up having a bad temper and the smallest thing would set her off. She learned her behavior from her mother who was known in the community for being violent. Karen often got into fights in sc...

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Prodigal Story

Teresa started running away from home at the age of two. She walked out of the apartment complex with her Sippy cup and some saltine crackers and started walking down the highway. Her mother felt some...

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God Is Faithful

Sarah always felt that she had married the man of her dreams until one day he abandoned her. Her heart was broken because she had so many dreams and plans with this man. Sarah reached out to her famil...

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Dealing With Hurt

Marcus and Sally were married for eight years and have two small children together. Over the years they both contributed negatively to their marriage until one day they decided to divorce and go their...

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Conquering Lies

Marcus had secret sin in his life. While his wife, Sally laid downstairs in their bedroom, Marcus was upstairs on his computer. Marcus had a porn addiction and he would have emotional affairs with wom...

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Overcome The Enemy

Victoria was always different and never really bonded with anyone. Victoria was petite and quiet. She became a target for bullying among a group of teenage girls in her school and neighborhood. These ...

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