“We must obey God rather than men. "Acts 5:29

Overcoming Lusts

Daniel was a handsome young man who was very ambitious. He was married to Jennifer who was very beautiful and equally ambitious. Even though Jennifer was very beautiful, Daniel had a wondering eye. Ev...

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Breaking Soul Ties

Sandy was a beautiful girl but she was unhappy in her marriage. Pursuing her own selfish desires and turning her back on God she had an affair. The man she had an affair with had bad anxiety. Sandy an...

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God Will Exalt You

Ricky was a humble school janitor who was barely making minimum wage per hour. Every day he would arise early and spend time with God then open up the school. Ricky took pride in his work and he went ...

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Overcoming Anxiety

Sandy suffered from anxiety for a year and a half. Her first attack came when she was driving home from work. She felt her heart palpate, she could barely breathe, she started having severe hot flashe...

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Obeying God

Renee was studying to be a Registered nurse. She was a believer and filled with the Holy Spirit. However, she suffered from self-doubt and feeling of inadequacy. She was very intelligent but had sever...

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