“We must obey God rather than men. "Acts 5:29

Sowing And Reaping

Jackie had always been promiscuous during her early twenties. She was very beautiful but had low self-esteem. She would purposely lead men on, spend all their money, and break their hearts. One day Ja...

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Pressing Forward

Julie was in the middle of a life storm. She had experienced recurrent episodes of loss. She did not understand what she did to deserve the affliction she was facing. She had a relationship with God a...

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The Turnaround God

Corey lived the fast life. He was a drug dealer and addicted to cocaine and marijuana. He also loved the ladies and had multiple females at a time. Corey was only in high school when his life started ...

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Making Time For God

Justin was a believer but he became complacent in a busy lifestyle and not hearing from God. He was busy living his life, working, and taking care of his family but failed to make time for God. God wa...

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How God Sees You

Julie is a beautiful girl who had low self-esteem. Every day she would watch music videos and look at magazines and desired to look like these women. It started with Julie coloring her hair and then a...

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Bad Company

Tina was raised in the church and always tried to live a godly life. Her family moved away to a new town for her father’s new job. The move really affected Tina because she missed her old friends and...

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God's Timing

John was a believer and a praying man. One day as he prayed, God gave him a promise. God told him that he would give him a wife, a better job with a promotion, and a house. Soon afterwards, John exper...

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Beating Selfishness

Corey was a goal oriented, charismatic individual but he was very self-centered. He worked two jobs and went to school for a business degree. Corey had a wife and a son at home but he constantly negle...

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Your Purpose

Sarah was a beautiful girl but had no goals or direction in life. Every day she would smoke marijuana and do other drugs just so she could get high. One day she decided to try Meth and took too much. ...

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God's Promises

Karen’s life was falling apart. She owned her own bakery but for the last couple of months business was slow. She was spending more than she was bringing in and had to lay off employees. Since Karen ...

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