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Overcoming Difficult Life Experiences with Scriptures and Prayers

Are you feeling overwhelmed in life by different stressful events? Are you facing trials and tribulations? You tried to fix the problem but have been unsuccessful. Does this sound like you? Try a new approach, let go, and let God take control of your life. Things will start to improve. Read inspiring stories how God impacted people’s life and see how he changed the situation around. Read the messages of hope on the content of these pages. This book is designed to help you overcome life’s difficulties by using God’s words and anointed prayers. Your faith will increase when you read how God turned around an impossible situation. This book was created to encourage you to develop a deeper and closer relationship with God with its stories, messages, and prayers.


Obedience Is Key

Wouldn't you like to have everything that God has promised you? No more lack, but to be prosperous in every area of your life. Get ready for the blessings to overtake you as you read this daily devotional: Obedience Is Key.


Daily Prayers That Bring Changes

This book contains fulfilling faith building prayers. Inside this book are three revelatory keys that God gave me to accelerate prayers. There is also a prayer of activation inside to open spiritual eyes. These prayers are invigorating as they bring hope to every dead area you may have in your life. This book contains over fifty anointed scripture-based prayers that bring life to your environment. Over time you will begin to see a change in yourself and your surroundings.


Overcoming Emotions with Prayers

Are you tired of being controlled by your emotions? Read these fulfilling faith building prayers. Inside contains over 200 anointed scripture-based prayers to overcome your emotions. Be empowered as you learn strategies to stay in faith. Learn how to pray like a prayer intercessor. Experience a mighty move of God in your life.


Prayers That Break The Yoke Of The Enemy: A Book Of Declarations

Is your life falling apart and you don’t know what else to do? Are you tired of being in bondage? Kimberly Hargraves shares the revelation the Lord gave her about yokes and ways to pray away the enemy. This is a topical book that covers various topics you may be dealing with in life. This book includes anointed declarations to destroy the yoke of the enemy.


In Right Standing: A Daily Devotional

Do you want a more intimate relationship with God? “In Right Standing: A Daily Devotional” it a perfect complement to your bible study time. Prophetess Kimberly Hargraves asks life changing questions to help strengthen, confirm, and establish you on your Christian journey. You will gain a deeper insight on righteousness as you read each lesson and prayer. “In Right Standing: A Daily Devotional” will provoke you to stand for righteousness.


Prayers That Demolish Demonic Strongholds

Are you tired of stubborn strongholds in your life? A demonic stronghold will keep you bound and prevent you from receiving God’s promises. Make a decision today to no longer allow the enemy to keep you bound by various strongholds. Kimberly Hargraves shows you how to pray effectively over the twenty-five most common problem areas the enemy attacks in “Prayers That Demolish Demonic Strongholds: A Book of Declarations.”


Work Harder. Not Smarter. A Book of Declarations for the WorkForce

Would you like the blessing of the Lord on your job? These anointed declarations come straight from heaven. Whatever problems you may be facing on your job, this book covers various issues. Put your faith with these prayers and embrace change.


Set The Captives Free: A Book Of Deliverance

It's time to experience God's best. Take a stand to change your life for the best. Deliverance is for you. Freedom is for you. Every single page of this book will show you how God can set the captives free. Kimberly Hargraves shares her amazing testimony how God delivered her from various strongholds in life. Her story will inspire you to embrace your pathway to a better you.


Pray More Challenge

Here's a Challenge that makes sense. This challenge is meant to lead to a life style change. I am tired of seeing dumb challenges. If you don't pray at all then I challenge you to start praying. If you pray once in a day, then I challenge you to pray twice in a day. If you pray twice a day, then I challenge you to pray three times. If you pray all the time, then I challenge you to pray without ceasing. Let's see and experience a move of God. Who is brave enough to accept this challenge for the next 30 days?


Walk by Faith: A Daily Devotional

Are you going through a trial or facing great opposition? Is your faith being shaken? Many times in life we go through trying times that make us want to give up. Kimberly Hargraves shows you how to keep your faith strong and believe God during the tribulations. She shares various testimonies of what the Lord did for her when her faith was being tested. “Walk By Faith: A Daily Devotional” will strengthen you so you can stand strong and not give up. Your faith is getting ready to go to the next dimension so you can receive all that God has for you.


Empowering The New Me: 50 Tips To Becoming A Godly Woman

“Empowering The New Me: 50 Tips To Becoming A Godly Woman” is full of revelation to help women to tap into the fullness of God and cultivate them to be the women called is calling them to be.


School Of The Prophets: A Curriculum For Success

“School Of The Prophets: A Curriculum For Success is a book that Prophetess Kimberly Hargraves has developed after training hundreds of people in the prophetic.


Conquering The Mind: A Daily Devotional

““Conquering The Mind: A Daily Devotional” contains wisdom and various ways to implement the word of God for an effective mindset. This book uncovers the plan of the adversary for total breakthrough and deliverance.


8 Keys To Accessing The Supernatural

Kimberly Moses gives eight strategies to operate in the supernatural realm. She gives various testimonies about her supernatural encounters. Eight Keys To Accessing The Supernatural Is Full of wisdom about going to the next dimension in God.


Who Touched Me: My Journey To Jesus

Many people are hurting and seeking for fulfilment in life. They have so many questions about purpose, and yet they are unsure. Tron Moses helps bring clarity and a greater depth of understanding as he reveals nuggets of wisdom from the things he endured.


Enhancing The Prophetic In You

“Enhancing The Prophetic In You” is a book that will provoke you to walk in the highest calling. This book will stir spiritual gifts inside of you and launch you into a higher dimension. You will know the difference between a true and false prophet. Get ready to have clarity in prophetic ministry. Prophetic instructor Kimberly Moses shares revelatory information in "Enhancing The Prophetic In You." This master-piece is guaranteed to equip you to have a solid foundation on the prophetic.


The ABCs Of The Prophetic

Have you been misunderstood in your prophetic journey? Do you want to understand why prophets are wired the way they are? Look no further! Prolific Author Kimberly Moses will show you a unique way that will clarify any questions you may have on the prophetic ministry. She has authored several books on the prophetic ministry but this book, “The ABCS of The Prophetic: Prophetic Characteristics” will take you on a journey from the letter A to Z. You will learn what attributes a true prophet of God has compared to a false prophet. You will be challenged as you apply the application questions at the end of every chapter. Get ready to discover the “ABCs Of the Prophetic” in your own life as you read each page in this powerful book.


Wisdom Is The Principle Thing

Did you ever regret a decision that you made? Have you ever had to make a difficult decision? Perhaps, you responded in the wrong way when you were tempted. Life is full of choices and we need wisdom for the best results. If we don’t make the best choices, then we will not walk in riches, honor, peace, favor, and success. “Wisdom Is The Principle Thing: A Daily Devotional,” will challenge you to make the best decisions.Kimberly Moses had to make critical decisions when she was confronted with major challenges. With God’s help and imparted wisdom in her life, she was able to overcome. She wants to show you how to make the best decisions every time. She will show you strategies to apply God’s wisdom. “Wisdom is the Principle Thing,” will bring the blessings of the Lord to your life as you start to walk in His wisdom.


It Cost Me Everything

Have you lost family, friends, or opportunities due to certain decisions? Are experiencing pain, hopelessness, regrets, or weariness due to trials in life. You may feel defeated but, “It Cost Me Everything,” will show you how to walk victoriously again. Sometimes we will make mistakes but there is a new beginning for you. “It Cost Me Everything,” will show you the transformation process of losing to winning. Author Kimberly Moses and sixteen co-authors tell stories how sin and bad choices stole their peace, joy, provision, relationships, and more. They also share how God redeemed them and brought restoration to their lives. This masterpiece provides strategies to overcome every difficult situation and includes anointed prayers. No mistake is too difficult to recover from when the Lord intervenes. This book will bring freedom, hope, courage, determination, and strength to your life. You are going to go from brokenness to a newness of life as you read every page.


The Making Of A Prophet: Women Walking In Prophetic Destiny

“The Making of A Prophet: Women Walking In Prophetic Destiny,” will empower you to be all that God is calling you to be! Kimberly Moses is an emerging prophetess who has encouraged women from all walks of life to answer the call upon their lives. She shares her testimony about the call, the warfare, and the supernatural encounters she experienced. Kimberly desires that prophets who are hiding in the cave to come forth!


The Art of Meditation: A Daily Devotional

“Are you feeling stressed but don’t know how to receive peace? Are you battling a mental attack and desire deliverance? “The Art of Meditation: A Daily Devotional” is a book that is mandated by the Lord. Meditation is an art that needs to be cultivated. The more you practice it, the more skilled you become. Several years ago, the Holy Spirit spoke to Kimberly Moses and gave her this devotional to write. She has witnessed firsthand how meditation can bring deliverance, success, increase flow of the Holy Spirit, and the list continues. She wants to share the revelation that the Lord deposited in her with you. Perhaps, you struggle when it comes to meditation. You will gain strategies and prophetic insight as you read the pages in this book.


Warfare Strategies: Biblical Weapons

Did you know that there are Biblical weapons in the Word of God? Prolific author Kimberly Moses wants to show you life-altering revelation from her supernatural encounters with the Lord. She has faced many challenges as she discovered the most effective strategy to engage in spiritual warfare. Kimberly will highlight the hidden treasures inside the Word of God as you read, "Warfare Strategies: Biblical Weapons." Every day, Christians are under attack. This book will strengthen and increase your faith to fight against demonic oppression.


Becoming A Better You

Do you want to advance in life? Are you wondering how you will get to the next level in business, ministry, and other areas? "Becoming A Better You," by Author Kimberly Moses will challenge your growth. This book is based on the popular blog series and is back by demand. She believes that each year, we should evolve and become knowledgeable in the things God has for us. She shares a compelling story of her transformation process. The Lord gave Kimberly seven keys to become a better person and to profit. She has trained and mentored many in the area of entrepreneurship, ministry, and the prophetic.


I Almost Died

Have you ever had a near-death encounter? Perhaps you have seen glimpses of heaven or hell. "I Almost Died," is a book collaboration by Kimberly Moses and eight co-authors. They will share their life-changing testimonies that will cause you to gain a greater appreciation of life. Each author brings a unique perspective about life, health, death, and eternity. People die every day, but not many are blessed with another chance at life to share their experiences how they overcome the spirit of death. As you read the pages of "I Almost Died," you will learn lessons to not repeat the authors' same mistakes. You will receive great insight on how to recognize any signs of a demonic attack.


The Pastor's Secret: The D.L. Series

Pastor Shawn Wayne is handsome, smart, and has a lot going for himself. Opportunities for ministry are opening for him and he is known all over the globe. Shawn experienced some childhood trauma and from that moment on, he struggled with his sexuality. He decides to explore it with an attractive man named Donald, even though he is happily married to Connie. Donald is obsessed with Pastor Shawn and will stop at nothing until Connie is out of the picture. Will the dark secret of Shawn’s love life be exposed? Will Shawn and Connie's marriage withstand the test?


June Bug The Busy Bee: The Gamer

June bug, the busy bee, loves his new video games. He has so much fun playing them but has trouble cutting them off when it is time to do other things. Will he realize that life is more than games? Will he get in trouble with his parents? Will he make good grades in school? Find out what happens to June Bug in this amazing adventure.


June Bug The Busy Bee: The Bully

Bullying is a common problem among children. June Bug and his friends are being bullied. They are scared and just want to have fun at school. However, Trevor, the Bully has another plan. What will June Bug do? Will he stand up and fight? Will he run away and hide? Find out the lesson June Bug and his friends learned in this awesome adventure.


The Weary Prophet: Providing Practical Steps For Restoration

Have you grown weary in your assignment? Do you feel dull in the spirit and need refreshing? Author Kimberly Moses will mentor and impart into your life as you read "The Weary Prophet: Providing Practical Steps For Restoration." She is a prophetic voice that the Lord Jesus has used to pour into thousands of prophets. As you read this book, you will gain clarity about why the devil hates prophets.


The Insignificant Woman

Are you feeling left out or rejected? Many women around the world feel the same. Perhaps someone deemed you insignificant, which means too small or unimportant to be worth consideration. It also means without power or influence. Author Kimberly Moses will show you how God counted you in while others may have counted you out. We were created for a purpose and we are His daughters. God loves us more than we could ever know.


The Foolish Woman : A Daily Devotional

Have you ever made a decision that you regretted? Perhaps you are tired of repeating destructive cycles, connecting with the same toxic, and being in the wrong environments. A foolish woman is her worse enemy. She tears down her own house and destroys everything in her path. Author Kimberly Moses shares her darkest moments that resulted from foolish mistakes.


June Bug The Busy Bee: Sibling Rivalry

Many children don't get along with their siblings. They are constantly fighting and always getting in trouble because of it. June Bug's sister Ana is home. June Bug and Ana Bee can't stop fighting. Will they get on punishment? Will they continue to dislike each other? Will they become best friends? Find out what happens in this adventure, "June Bug The Busy Bee: Sibling Rivalry."


All Things Relationships

Are you tired of going through warfare in your relationships? Do you want to gain wisdom to experience God's best with the people you love and interact with daily? "All Things Relationship," by Kimberly Moses and co-authors, will shift you to another level. Each author brings great insight to the table so you can grow as you learn from their mistakes and glean from their experiences.


30 Day Pray For Your Spouse Challenge

Do you want to walk away from your marriage because things got tough? Perhaps you felt you made a mistake and married the wrong person. No matter how you feel, you must do your part and pray for your spouse. When was the last time you covered your spouse in prayer? Author Kimberly Moses challenges you to pray for your spouse for the next 30 days. The Holy Spirit gave her this outline to pray over her husband and she shared it with her prayer group. Many marriages have been restored and things have become better as they read, "30 Day Pray For Your Spouse Challenge." Inside you will read testimonies that will encourage you to believe God for change. If God did it for Kimberly Moses and others, then you are next! Will you take the "30 Day Pray For Your Spouse Challenge?"


The Christian Drama Queen Mentality

The Christian Drama Queen Mentality" is a book that was birthed by a divine partnership with the Holy Spirit, Apostle Claudette Dixon, and Prophetess Kimberly Moses. "The Christian Drama Queen Mentality" is influenced by life experiences. This book will bring awareness to your life and relationships. Being involved in a cycle of dramas, no matter how exciting it might feel at the time, is always going to leave you feeling unstable and dissatisfied. This book teaches you how to recognize, identify and stop the cycle of a drama queen or king. Transformational information in this book will show you how to decode and transform negative situations into true positives. So say bye-bye once and for all to feeling unhappy, angry, resentful, disappointed, and stressed-out by daily life.


30 Days Praying For The Nations

If there was ever a time to pray for our nation, it is now. The Lord Jesus Christ is soon to return. As we look around, we can see Biblical prophecy manifest right before us. Believers in Christ must pray without ceasing. Author Kimberly Moses was given an outline, "30 Days Praying For The Nations," from heaven guaranteed to bring change. Her prayer group, "Intercessors That War," prayed it out first and saw God do the miraculous. Will you stand in the gap and pray for your city, town, or nation? We are called to pray for those in authority. Kimberly Moses will show you how to pray strategically so you don't pray amiss. Get ready for a breakthrough as you pray heaven down to earth.


Intercessor's Prayer Notebook

Intercessor's Prayer Notebook is a tool to write sermons, prayer requests, devotionals, key points, bible notes (gift for preachers, ministers, intercessors). This lovely notebook will be a necessary compliment of the Bible and makes the perfect study guide. It is important to start your day in prayer and to record what God puts on your heart. This handy notebook can be taking anywhere as you travel to church, work, or school. This notebook is durable and contains 100 pages for journaling or note taking. Also, it's perfect for a gift or to personalize because of the front page.


Prayer Request Notebook Fervent Effectual Prayers Of The Righteous

Are you busy with ministry, business, school, and other tasks? This handy prayer request notebook is the perfect tool to write down ideas, prayer requests, and the things that the Lord shows you. This notebook is a great tool for heavy intercessors and every intercessor will discover their prayer power. It's time to pray fervent effectual prayers so the lives of those around you will be blessed and favored as never before. Build memories or give this notebook as a gift to show your appreciation.


The Prophet's Notebook

The Prophet's Notebook is the perfect gift for every minister, pastor, and clergy member. As you draw close to the Lord, write down the powerful things that He reveals to your heart so you can reflect on them and see manifestations. It's very important to record your prophecies, the date, and who gave them to you. Inside there is a place to record your dreams, visions, and other notes. Product Details 100 pages Glossy Finish 6 x 9


The Photographer's Assistant

The Photographer's Assistant will assist every photographer who is serious about taking their business to the next level. Never again lose track of appointments or double book yourself. Schedule your plans in advance for the year. Enjoy a peace of mind knowing that you are control of your profession. This book makes a perfect gift.


The Ultimate Entrepreneur

The Ultimate Entrepreneur is an appointment, planner, and calendar book for the successful business owner. There needs to be a solid plan in place for every thriving business so this book provides career planning. This 3-in-1 book will help you develop your schedule and book appointments each month. Never forget about important dates because you can jot down reminders and follow-ups. Stay on top of your goals and business accounts so your business can go to the next level.


Diabetic Caretaker Blood Sugar Log

Do you have diabetes and want to stay on top of your health? This log book is the solution that you need.If you eat the wrong foods your blood sugar can be affected. Record how many carbs you are ingesting. Write down the amount of insulin you took to regulate your blood sugar. This log book makes a great gift for diabetics.


The Preacher's Handbook

The Preacher's Handbook notebook is the perfect inspirational tool to record, reflect and remember each week’s church sermon message. Write down what the Holy Spirit places on your heart to preach. This notebook is a keepsake to record your notes and thoughts that you can look back on. It's a perfect gift!


Christian Weight Loss Journal

Stay on top of your health because in this life we only get one body. We are not our own but we have been brought with a price. Don't allow your flesh to crave unhealthy habits. This fitness journal is a great tool to help you meet your weight loss goals and to keep you accountable. BECOME HEALTHIER & ACHIEVE WELLNESS GOALS FASTER! FEEL STRONG, LOSE WEIGHT & HAVE MORE ENERGY!


Couple's Recipe Meal Planner And Notebook

Plan a romantic dinner with your partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, or spouse. You can cook with your honey and enjoy a delicious meal. Learn how to shop and budget with the online shopping tracker. Prepare and organize your meals for the week, month, or the year. You will be prepared as you write down your ingredients for each recipe. As a bonus, there is a food journal so you can stay on top of calories and fitness. Transcribe your own recipes, the prep time, and cooking time. Who says the cooking with your love one can't be fun? This book is the perfect gift to bring a little spice to the kitchen.


Prophetic Dreams And Visions Journal

As a prophetic vessel you will constantly receive dreams and visions. God speaks through dreams. Don't miss out on what the Lord is showing you. Keep this journal by your bedside and when you wake up in the morning, you can quickly record your dreams and visions. You will be amazing when things manifest and you have a record of the date. All throughout Scripture God gave warnings, prophecies, and messages through dreams. He is no respector of persons. God will speak to you too.


The Therapist Secret: The D.L. Series

Physical Therapist, Veronica Hawthorne isn't satisfied with her marriage to Roger, a military soldier. Veronica has recently discovered Roger's past time, and it's putting a strain on their marriage. While Roger was deployed, he met someone as well as Veronica. Will they fall into temptation and dishonor their marital vows? Will their marriage survive the deployment? Find out more in part two of the D.L. Series.



Jane Walker is trying to survive in New York. Every time she gets back on her feet, she faces another hardship. One day she discovers she has mysterious power when she meets Dr. Oban, a bitter evil scientist. Dr. Oban is seeking revenge on anyone who gets in his way. Will Jane's new ability be enough to stop Dr. Oban's plan?



We will all go through trials in life, but you will overcome them if you have faith in God. Some are dealing with a loss of a loved one, economic pressure, divorce, relationship drama, rebellious children, toxic work environment, sickness in their body, mental attacks, stress, financial problems, and more. "Tested, Tried, But I Survived," by Kimberly Moses and co-authors, is a beacon of light in this hour. Initially, many don't believe in God's miraculous power to deliver until they get in a situation and call unto Him. Amazingly, God answers. "Tested, Tried, But I Survive" is about God's miraculous hand. We must learn how to see God in the storm. If He rescued the people in this book, He will do it for you. Know that you are next in line for your miracle.

The Wounded Leader

The Wounded Leader

Many people do not realize the pain that some leaders carry. So much pressure is placed upon them that they are afraid to be seen as weak or vulnerable, so they hold in their feelings. Leaders often pour out everything they have to others, only to be betrayed and hurt by the people they love.


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