Prayer CD

I can feel strength rising within me when I listen to your CD, “Prayers That Bombard Heaven.”

Blessed with Job

I just want to thank God for you and your prayers. I was blessed with an awesome job that I know came from God because I didn’t apply for it! All praise to Jesus for how he moved in my behalf. 17 months of rejections and denials OVER!

Dancing in My Heals

Hey Prophetess, just wanted to let you know the service was anointed yesterday and people were touched and came up to me after service saying it touched them Praise God!!! And I wore my heels with no problems with my ankles. Praise God!!! Thanks for your prayers God bless you!!!

Angelic Encounter

Blessings, I pray all is well. You prophesied that I was going to have Angelic encounter. It was confirmed Sunday. All I could do was cry.

Release via Periscope

This morning as I watching Prophetess Kimberly Hargraves on periscope, I felt a release as she started praying. I felt a release as she started praying. I felt so good afterwards and started to get dressed and head to church. I thank God for her life and her ministry. She is such an inspiration to many women. - Tonya

Obedience Is Key

I purchased, “Obedience Is Key” written by Kimberly Hargraves. I couldn’t put the book down. It was like I couldn’t put the book down. It was like I could see her tears on every page. This book is really blessing my life. I was fasting when I got this book and in the middle of reading it, God spoke to me and told me to fast longer. So God allowed me to minister to my mom and showed me things, I knew absolutely nothing about. I started to prophesy after reading this book. - Tomeya

House on the Way

I got blessed with $2,000 toward my down payment today. I got a little ways to go. My gray house. And my in-laws told me that they are putting $400 toward My house note every month and I only have to pay the other $450. You said God told you $450 and that’s what I gotta pay.

Truck Repaired

I sowed a $20 seed into Kimberly Hargraves ministries. I had been trying to get the rest of the $600 to get my truck fixed. I had been praying about it and I went to DSS and they are going to pay $600 to my truck repairs. To God be the glory.-April

New Job

Praise report Prophetess. I just got a job offer and I accepted. I felt the peace of the Lord in this job. Thank you. I believe this is the place I will be in for this season just as the Lord used you to tell me.

Cyst Healed

Hi, Prophetess, one night on the midnight miracle call. You got a word of knowledge of right ovarian cyst. You prayed that the cyst would leave in Jesus name, my right lower abdominal area got really hot. The prayer wasn’t for me directly but I thanked the Lord for healing because if the anointing is present you need to tap into agreement with being healed! And you did a periscope broadcast a couple days later you got another word of a Left fibroid which I did have. You prayed for me, then you went and prayed for another person then the Holy Spirit directed you back to me and that’s when I felt fire on my left lower abdomen. This is going to sound crazy but I could feel something being moved in that area during the same thing I felt heat. Praise God. God is using you mightily Prophetess. He has given you an true healing anointing. Love you much and your love for God and His people. God bless you and your ministry.

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