Payment Made

I sowed a $20 seed into Kimberly Hargraves ministries. One week passed, when I got an email from the Department of Education saying they received a payment of $930. I didn’t make a payment because I don’t have that type of money. I called the Department of Education and asked who made the payment and they replied that I did. Me and the lady went back and forth on the phone arguing whether or not I made the payment. I finally accepted that God made the payment for me. I remember, Prophetess Kimberly Hargraves giving me a word one week prior. She said as she prayed for me, she heard that I was about to get a debt elimination. I am so thankful that God heard my prayers.

Glory Revealed

I have always been skeptical of prayer lines but for some reason, I felt led to call the prayer line hosted by Prophetess Kimberly Hargraves. I wanted to hang up but I couldn’t because the presence of the Lord was strong. My whole body was on fire and I got hot like I was having hot flashes. After I hung up from the call. I felt the glory of God all that day. I felt so good and I am so glad that I called the prayer line. - Rachel

Ankle Healed

During Saturday night, Prophetess Kimberly Hargraves was having a night watch call. As she was praying, she kept saying she felt pain in her left ankle. Then I spoke up and said that my mom was having pain in her left ankle and she can barely walk. We touched and agree at midnight and the next morning, my mom could miraculously walk and all the pain was gone. To God be the glory. - Keisha

Thyroid Healed

I called into the prayer line early one Saturday morning. God gave prophetess Kimberly Hargraves, a word of knowledge. God allowed her to feel pain in the right side of her neck. Then she called out my exact pain. I was diagnosed at the doctor with thyroid cancer. As she started praying for me, I felt something in my neck and then I felt a warm cooling sensation all over me. I believe that I am healed for thyroid cancer. Hallelujah. - Kaneisha

Fibroids Healed

Testimony: I called the prayer line hosted by Kimberly Hargraves and she prayed for me. I was having trouble with fibroids. Well God healed me of fibroids. God is so good. - K

Sowed: Received!

I sowed a $25 seed into Prophetess Kimberly Hargraves and my son got the job I was praying for. God is Great.

Encouraging Calls

Ever since I started getting on the Saturday prayer calls, I have been uplifted and filled with joy. I thank God for this ministry. - Sheena

Bill Paid

Prophetess Kimberly Hargraves touched and agreed with me in prayer about me paying my cell phone bill in full. Well my phone got cut off 2 days ago but I said God I am not depending on no one except for you so you have to make a way. My aunt called me on the house phone and asked why my cell phone bill was off and I explained to her that I stopped working. Well my Aunt told me that she would pay it and that I didn’t have to pay her back. I was two months behind on my cell phone bill but my aunt paid $255.90 which was the full amount. Nobody but God! - Alicia

Peaceful Sleep

Prophetess Kimberly Hargraves prophesied to me and everything was right. Also she knew that I wasn’t sleeping well. Well after she prayed, I am sleeping much better. I thank God for the work He is doing in her life. She is such a blessing to the body of Christ. - Terry

Grant Granted

Prophetess Kimberly Hargraves touched and agreed with me in prayer about me receiving a grant for me to go back to school. Initially, I was told no FAFSA or funding for school but after prayer, I received my award letter that approved my last two class. I will graduate this year in Jesus name. Elizabeth

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