“We must obey God rather than men. "Acts 5:29

Flaming Arrows

Flaming arrows is one of the first visions that I have seen. One day, I was worshipping, and the glory of God pinned me to the floor. I could only turn my head sideways. God took me into the heavenlies. Then I noticed a rider who I couldn't make out who he was. He was sitting on a brown horse with golden wings. Then God showed me a big bow and arrow shooting arrows. I was amazed because I never saw anything like this before. This bow was laying horizontally or sideways and shooting arrows. The bow and arrows were a golden color almost orange. The Lord spoke to me that He was releasing these arrows against my enemies. He said, "As long as you stay in the Spirit, I will release my flaming arrows at your enemies."

After the vision ended, I went to the Bible and began to search for golden arrows but couldn't find it. So a few hours later, I was reading through Psalms and realized that the arrows weren't golden arrows but flaming arrows.

Psalm 7:13 says, "God has deadly weapons in store for those who won’t change; he gets his flaming arrows ready!"

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