“We must obey God rather than men. "Acts 5:29

Golden Scroll

On September 19, 2014, I was praying to God early in the morning. I was preparing to do my weekly prayer call. God began to show me an open heaven with blessings pouring down. Demons were stealing blessings and angels were warring against them to get the blessings back.

I saw angels worshipping God in heaven. There were thousands of angels. I saw hundreds of people praying in their homes and their prayers look like smoke. God showed me what His fire looks like which looks almost golden.

Then God took me into someone's house who was demon possessed. Once the demon was cast out, it appeared as a dark black tall shadow, and a fire angel chased it away from the person. Then God showed me how demons look like attached to people. Believers can have demons attached to them. This one man who was a believer had seven short black spirits attached to him on the outside. Once I begin to see these spirits, I started to see them everywhere. God often alerts me to pray for people that I am connected to that has these spirits in their homes. I pray until these spirits flee that person's home.

Next, God took me up in the heavenlies where the stars were. My room faded and I was in the galaxy. He told me to reach out and grab a golden scroll. I grabbed this stroll, and He told me to place it inside my belly. Once I placed this scroll into my stomach, I began to have terrible pain in my chest. No matter how much I rebuked the pain, it would not budge. The pain left in a few hours. Later God revealed to me that He impregnated me with His word. I then realized that other prophets in the Bible had experiences with scrolls: Ezekiel and John who wrote revelation ate scrolls.

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